Yatno Dua is the storage unit of the Yatno furniture line. It has been designed to suit the multiple storage needs you have during your lifetime. It is easily transformed from one function to another with the wingnut system. It is possible to customize your own Yatno Dua, by adding two triangles, shelves, or cabinets for the best possible storage solution that suits your personal needs. Yatno Dua also has a hidden rolling seat in one of its drawers, which is useful when you hare having a dinner party! Below are some examples of what Yatno Dua can do, but it can do so much more, and it’s up to you to discover the endless possibilities.


Yatno Dua can be transformed into a furniture piece for your living room. Yatno Dua has enough storage space for all your books, and DVD’s. The shelves are ideal to show off pictures or other items. The drawers have enough space for all the clutter you don’t want to show, and one of the drawers also functions as a seat!


Yatno Dua has the possibility to function as a kitchen cabinet to help you organize your herbs and spices. It’s possible to use the rack to dry your dish towel and to hang kitchen utensils. There is enough storage possibilities for all your kitchen items.


Yatno Dua can transform into any length and be as long as you need it to be! Just keep connecting the triangles and you can create a hallway rack for all your jackets and sweaters. Your shoes can be stored underneath and the drawers can be used to store our gloves and scarf for those cold winter nights. Furthermore a cabinet could be used to store your keys and other necessities which you can just grab while walking out the door.


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