Yatno was a 16-year-old Indonesian boy. He was very handy and creative and enjoyed making furniture; wooden toys in particular. The only tools he owned were a chisel, a hammer, and a saw. That did not stop his creativity. With these tools he managed to create aesthetically beautiful, logical, and simple designs. He would only use leftover materials like wood or bamboo that he’d find laying around his neighborhood. Today we approach our work using Yatno’s way of working and his imaginative mind to problem solving. We strive to do the same in order to meet our standards of perfection, sustainability, durability, and honesty.

The Yatno furniture pieces are designed to be as flexible as modern day life. The vertical triangles of Satu and Dua are the frameworks, everything in-between can be fully customized to cater your needs at that moment. Furthermore the vertical triangles of Satu and Dua can be endlessly linked to one another. (Satu triangles only fit with other Satu triangles, and Dua triangles only fit with other Dua triangles)

Yatno Accessories offer even more functionality and flexibility. Every six months we strive to design a new range of accessories that suits your needs. We therefore encourage you to send us feedback because only then can we design and create those accessories you need.


Studio Nuance consists of two graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Joey Dogge and Lars Janzee. After graduating they decided to start their own design studio, focusing mainly on multi-functional and modular design with an added value. Their design approach is purely based on the user, designing products that have an added value and often have a multi-functional or modular nature. They believe that great design lies in the details and subtle nuances of a product.



De Verbinding BV is a production company with a social mission. They offer the opportunity for deaf people to work in a large structured company, to ensure a future perspective for the deaf. The mission for De Verbinding BV is to create as many job opportunities as possible for deaf people. Research has proven that working deaf people have a growing and healthy social life. Yatno backs this concept and wants to help De Verbinding BV expand.