Multi Functional & Modular Furniture


The Yatno furniture line is a modular and multi-functional living system. Yatno is your lifetime solution that suits your personal needs. Need more storage because you’ve a new addition to your family? No problem, Yatno has enough options for your little one! Does your partner have a shoe addiction? Don’t worry just add another rack to your Yatno.

The furniture line consists of two types of furniture pieces. Yatno Satu functions, as a desk and seating arrangement, while Yatno Dua functions as storage space. Both editions can be fully customized to your needs. We are currently designing accessories for both furniture pieces so that you can customize your Yatno to your specific needs. Just imagine adding an extra spark of lights, a beautiful seat or a handy whiteboard! We are excited to introduce more of Yatno and we hope you are too. Stay tuned and follow our Yatno Furniture Facebook page.

Coming Soon